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More Than Just A Little Bizarre

I was talking with a friend about the contents of a recent blog post.

I shared with her how I really believe God started to move in a unique way in my life the spring of 2010.

She asked me what I meant.

I told her about how God seemed to be asking me to acknowledge his provision in my life through the years.

How in the sermon on the mount Jesus tells us not to worry.

I shared how those verses became more important to me then too, along with the realization God knows we have needs and he’s really got our back.

She immediately pushed back on this.

She said she sees those passages to just be talking about the basics.

“Whether you want to call it ‘God’ or something else” she said, “the fact is we live in a world where the things we need are there.”

And she’s right of course.

The sun rises every day and the seasons bring forth the fruit of the earth for us.

I agreed with her that trusting God doesn’t mean you sit around and don’t do any work.

As Charles Finney used to say, “God works through means.”

The farmer who prays for a harvest also plants and waters.

Even law of attraction people are starting to admit “manifestation” doesn’t happen without action.

But that doesn’t make these things any less miraculous.

The Apostle Paul insisted that these very things give testimony to God’s kindness toward us.

Yet what I felt God talking to me about in the spring of 2010 was much more than just this.

What he seemed to be referring to was the series of apparent coincidences that had tracked me all my life.

All while I was praying he would “guide and provide.”

I’ll get into specifics as time goes on, but these were definitely more than just generic provision like crops and sunlight and such.

And this is the key thing in the law of attraction circles too.

The stories become very bizarre and take a form not completely explainable in terms of one’s own agency. There does indeed appear at times to be a significant synchronistic pattern happening “out there.”

One too complex and involved to be assigned solely to “coincidence.”

Like purely naturalistic thinkers want to say.

It appears quite “supernatural.”

Either there are indeed impersonal “spiritual” laws producing this patterning, or someone is there “working for our good.”

The Bible presents us with the concept of the “providence of God.”

That God causes his rain to fall on the “just and the unjust” alike.

This passage in its literal interpretation does tend more toward general features of creation. But it does not preclude God doing more specific things in people’s lives, where he wishes to show his care.

The Christian view includes the thought as well that God is not the only spiritual entity.

His enemy seeks to deceive and mislead.

We cannot dismiss the possibility some of these synchronicities are of a diabolic nature too.

Especially when their result is to cause those experiencing them to honor “the universe” instead of the living God.

As I mentioned in that previous post, this kind of misaimed credit is idolatry itself.

Worshiping “the creature instead of the creator” as Paul puts it.

I will share more about my whole experience of this nature.

I just wanted to clarify in this post that I have in view much, much more than these general non-specific goods.

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