Kel Good: Philosopher, Theologian and all round nice guy

For years I have studied philosophy and theology in hopes of ascertaining what can validly be known in the area of truth. I have found it necessary in this process to remain open to any and all viewpoints that relate to the areas of inquiry. I have sought to change my beliefs, whenever my studies have required this. I believe this is the only honest approach to intellectual inquiry.

As time has gone on it has become quite apparent that this is an endless process. Although we can hope to be moving toward more and more accurate views, we must always maintain a willingness to change our viewpoint whenever we see reason to do so.

Because I have so frequently altered what I think as a result of ongoing study, I have often kidded around with friends that I ought to publish a monthly newsletter called What I Believe This Week. It took the advent of Internet technology for this vision to come to fruition. Although I make no promises of monthly (let alone weekly!) updates, here at last it is, in all its minimal glory!

What I will offer here is a smattering of articles and books I have written through the years, or will write in the future, reflecting areas of study I have indulged. I will make no particular attempt to indicate what I still believe or no longer hold to in any given area, or which articles are in what particular chronological order (though some will indicate creation dates). I will also from time to time offer articles and links to other’s works that I have found interesting or significant in reference to my own viewpoint.

Primarily I have created this site to make my thoughts available to the (no doubt) few to whom they might be of interest. Since this site is to serve such a utilitarian purpose, it will probably be much too unexciting for a real website, and all too static. I will also be using this site to experiment with website creation itself, so I must ask for the indulgence of the few who are subjected to this online experiment. I hope some will find benefit from this offering of intellectual exploration.

Kel Good March 2019