Essays on specifically theological subjects.

Moral Argument For Faith

Often people try to argue we should be believers because of the intellectual evidence. But what if the evidence is not sufficiently clear? Are there other reasons to act on the assumptions of faith, besides intellectual reasons. We examine a moral argument for being a believer.

The Philosophy Of Law And Grace

The relationship between law and grace is critical to understanding the plan of salvation presented in Scripture. We examine the nature of moral law, the desert and purpose of penalty, if and how penalty can be set aside, and what conditions make the offer of pardon possible.

Moral Depravity

Does the Bible claim men are born sinful, or is this just a misinterpretation of the text? This article explores the Biblical doctrine of Moral Depravity and offers an alternative perspective.

The Nature of Faith

What is the nature of faith. Is faith a leap in the face of insufficient evidence? Is it something voluntary, or something that happens to you. We examine this important theological concept.


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