Does The Bible Claim The Existence of God Is Obvious?

The Bible says "The fool has said in his heart there is no God." Paul said to the Romans "...what may be known about God is that men are without excuse." But many today would claim it is not obvious God exists. Is it possible the current state of metaphysical ambiguity can be understood in a way that is consistent with Scriptural claims about this?

Basic Assumptions Of Reason

We examine the claim of Charles Finney that the existence of God is a first truth of Reason. This kind of transcendental argument does have some strength in the areas of logic, existence of the external world, and morality. Can it carry the full metaphysical weight of ultimate explanation, and the existence of God?

The Philosophy Of Law And Grace

The relationship between law and grace is critical to understanding the plan of salvation presented in Scripture. We examine the nature of moral law, the desert and purpose of penalty, if and how penalty can be set aside, and what conditions make the offer of pardon possible.

Moral Depravity

Does the Bible claim men are born sinful, or is this just a misinterpretation of the text? This article explores the Biblical doctrine of Moral Depravity and offers an alternative perspective.

What Is Truth?

This was to be chapter one of a book refuting the claim that the Bible is full of antimomies, that divine truth has a "two-foldness" our minds cannot overcome. I never did write that book, but thought this chapter would still be of interest.


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